Friday, May 29, 2009


Those of you who don't have Facebook, or those of you that don't check it regularly, might not know that last Saturday our car was stolen out of our parking lot. In the car was Susan's car seat, our car seat base, our stroller and my baby sling. What kind of person gets into a car, sees two baby seats, and drives off?? But that's a rant for another post... Some of you may remember the great break in of '08. It's been just about a year. Nate's parents were nice enough to let us borrow a truck until my mom is able to bring us her car mid- June to "car sit" for three years. The pick up isn't much to look at and it's pretty difficult strapping a car seat onto a bench seat sans car seat base but it has AC and a working radio so things are going alright. To be honest, I'm not as upset about the car as I am about Susan's seat and our stroller, base and sling. The Yukon had been causing us quite a bit of grief recently. Nate and I were laughing about it a few days ago that we felt sorry for the thieves because the AC didn't work, the tires were almost shot, the Service Engine Soon light was on, it had less than a quarter tank left and it had been raining pretty bad that weekend and our wipers only worked when it wasn't raining. :)
Anyway, this was a long preface to what I'm really posting about. Nate took the truck to work today, which is fine. He does frequently. But it is noon and I haven't seen the sunlight today. Why? What's the point? I have no way to get around. No car, no stroller, no sling. And I have a sick baby who is coughing, leaking out of every orifice on his face and hasn't pooped in three days. *Oops. I'm back. Make that three minutes now.* He's tired and super clingy so I'm basically holding him all day. Which means my house is a disaster. How did pioneer women do it with no car, no stroller, no sling, tons of children and tons of chores? Yes, I was definitely meant for a much lazier generation. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gabriel and Haley

We went to the park today with our friends Pam and Haley. Haley and Gabriel were hanging out on the blanket. They were even holding hands! Then he passed out... ah the simple life of a baby :)

Susan and Calvin visit

My best friend Susan and her little boy Calvin came this past week to visit us. It was so much fun! Cal was very sick the first couple days which was pretty scary but he ended up being just fine. We did lots of sewing and chocolate eating. :) Thanks for coming love!

Even though he was sick, Calvin was enthralled with Gabe! He couldn't leave him alone!

We made Nate his favorite, red velvet cake, for his 25th birthday!!

Calvin at the super fun toy store

It was really great swimming weather

Our babies spent a lot of time in just diapers! :)

Play group at the park

One cool dude

Susan and Gabey playing

New Pictures

Monday, May 11, 2009

Over exposed

I caught the little man waking up from a nap.... I think he's showing a little too much cleavage for my taste.

The Past Month

Went to Mesa to
~Grandparents house
~Arizona Mills (huge mall)
Baby was dressed too warmly so we went a little crazy at the Carter's outlet and did a little strip down on a bench
Cooler=happier baby
Rainforest Cafe

Went to the Zoo
We realized he's a little too young to enjoy it yet

Spending lots of time indoors in our dark bedroom because it's 101 outside and it's only May

Went to 2 month check up
weighs 13.4 pounds
Doesn't show, does it? :)

Rolling over
Did this 4 times in a row and hasn't done it since
(Please excuse the high pitched siren sound. Apparently, that's just how I sound.)

Happy Monday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Gabe Special

Today he is 2 months old.
It just doesn't seem like 2 months. It seems like a lot longer. In a great way :) I feel like he's always been there looking up at me googly eyed after his naps. 
I love the smiles he gives me when I mimic his noises, I love it when he laughs at my Crazy Little Thing Called Love routine ala Freddie Mercury, I love it when he talks in his sleep, I love it when he links his abnormally large big toes together and I love his bobble head. 
I'm still feeling like someone is just letting me babysit this sweet baby but it's the best baby-sitting job I've ever had!! :) 
My mom texted me today to remind me it was his 2 month birthday. She was eating a sandwich called the Gabe Special, turkey, avocado on Dutch crunch bread. In honor of today. I love you 2 month old Chubby Bubby, my lovey, Baby Gabey, Gabey Beluga in the deep blue Sea.