Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween was very fun. I always get a lot more into it than any "grownup" should. I love to decorate and dress up and I would still go trick or treating if that wasn't so frowned upon. We bought pumpkins and carved them. This was basically the first time Nate had ever had his own pumpkin. He didn't really know what to do and then was so grossed out by the "guts" that he made me scoop it all out. I didn't mind. I get sort of a sick pleasure out of it! :)
I was a fairy... very grown up I know. I had worked all week on this stupid costume and then had to improvise at the last minute. I made the tutu and was sewing little sleeves for this spaghetti strap shirt but the sleeves didn't work out so I turned it into a little caplet. We had a ward Trunk or Treat and we ran the Fishing Booth. When I was getting dressed 10 minutes before we had to leave, I realized that the caplet would work with my fairy wings! So I had to ditch the caplet and wear a T-Shirt with the wings. And then I put the tutu on and never realized how.. ahem.. see-through it was. So I had to stick a pink frilly slip on underneath. Sigh.. I wonder if Tink ever has these issues when going out...
Didn't mean this picture to be so serious... I didn't know Nate was taking a whole face pic, I thought it was just the eyebrows like this one:
The ill fated caplet...

Nate was a homie of sorts... He served his mission in the Bronx so he had his costume put together before he even got off his mission. He wore his Phat Farm jumpsuit, a du rag, and his Bronx, Boogie Down NYC hat. He looked very authentic ;)

Our fishing booth at the Trunk or Treat. Nate hooked the fish and I directed traffic. It was a very fun event for the kids and we ended up having a lot of fun too! Afterwards, our bishop had a grown up party at his house. It was a small dance party sort of thing and it was nice getting to be with more adults.
At the party with our friends
All in all, it was a very good night!