Monday, September 28, 2009

What the...?

I didn't put up his birthday picture! It was so freakin' cute! It was his 6 month birthday and yes, I got him a ice cream cupcake. And then I ate it. Yum.
There are a bunch of random pictures I have to put up. It would be wrong to deprive you of more photos of my darling baby. :)

Nate got a package and Gabriel loved the packing peanuts
Playing football with daddy
Family photo on the Wii: Me, Nate, and Gabe
Future Elder Allen

Gabe and I went to Utah to visit some family and friends. We stayed with my wonderful aunt Sylvia. Gabe got to play with lots of little cousins which was so fun!
Jumping at Sylvias
Gabriel and Logan
Logan is a much faster crawler than Gabe. He followed Logan around everywhere!
Posing for the camera
Going out together
I was doing the dishes at Sylvias and gave Gabe a piece of plain cake to keep him busy. When I turned around, it had exploded! It was everywhere!!

He loved it! Crumbs everywhere!
He loves to stand up next to his crib
Loves his books!
I came into his room after naptime and this is what I found!!! How cute!!
Climbs up his cubbies and pulls all his toys down

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Grand Canyon

For Labor day, we went to the Grand Canyon which is only about and hour from Flagstaff. I had never been before so it was really exciting for me. We were doing a large loop to the canyon so the drive there was just gorgeous. The drive back was through Navajo nation so.... not pretty. The canyon was just.... huge! There is no other way to describe it. It looked like it was a painting or a huge photograph or something. I couldn't believe something that big existed. We enjoyed Mather point which is one of the most famous look out areas. Tons of tourists. Then we went to the Grand Canyon general store which is a huge deli/grocery/souvenir/camping store. We had a very good lunch there and walked around the store. Then we started on the drive home along the rim.

This is the Watch tower far away.
This is the Watch tower close up.
Inside the tower
Spiral stairs. 4 floors of winding stairs.
Look down in the center. Me and Gabe
Our park ranger at the general store
Davey and Danny Crockett
Sitting in a big chair for lunch

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roughly 6 months

In three days Gabriel will be 6 months. Half a year! I can't believe it. I've already forgotten how it feels to be pregnant and having to go through all the misery and everything. Nate was saying that God makes women forget about all of that so they'll want to have another one. I agree.
So it seems that he exploded through the major milestones in the 5th month.
-He started crawling. Everywhere. He (luckily) hasn't figured out there are stairs in our house but he likes to just crawl around his room or the living room.
-He eats solid foods. He loves food- probably not a great thing but.... He can't get enough. He wants whatever you are eating. He snatched a sucker out of my hand and sucked on it, as I was eating a peach he grabbed my hand and brought it to his mouth and sucked on it, and Nate, unbeknownst to me, gave him a straw of root beer, which he loved. He loves rice cereal, peaches, applesauce, teething toast, anything in a straw, anything from a cup, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans and doesn't like his carrots. He is really good at picking up his puffs and putting them in his mouth and he can go through a whole teething toast. We tried his sippy cup with water in it yesterday and I think it will take some getting used to. He wasn't too crazy about it.
-He sits up by himself and is dang proud of it. He will be cruising along and turn and push himself up and give you a big smile. Something I'm worried about now is that he will crawl over to me while I'm sitting and pull himself up with me and stand up holding onto my shirt. I am definitely not ready for the pulling up/standing milestone yet!!
-He is a techy baby. He loves the tv remote, cell phones and especially the laptop. Anything with buttons. So we bought him a baby toy phone. He doesn't like it. He wants the real deal.

-He love, love, loves his bath! He will splash water to the other side of the bathroom! But only when daddy bathes him.
-He loves big kids. He likes being with his cousins when they play with him or when our friends kids want to play with him. He is so interested by them.
-He loves Nate's glasses. Those things are off Nate's face before he even has time to react.
-He likes toes. Weird but true. He wants to play with my toes or anyones toes he can reach. But don't touch his. He is SO SO ticklish.
The move has wrecked havoc on his mild personality and has brought out the demon baby underneath. He can now throw tantrums and scream the likes of which I have never seen or heard in all of my child care years! But it has also brought out the big boy who is fun to play with now. All in all, he is a really sweet and very serious baby who knows how to have fun every once and a while. And now, for your viewing pleasure: tons of pictures.

Playing with his Star Wars
Loves his fingers
So dang cute!!
Possibly my favorite picture ever.
Chewing on his teddy bear
Really does love being outside, even if it doesn't look like it!

Fingers again

Please ignore my annoying voice.

First foods