Saturday, January 24, 2009

Had to share...

So I hate the pre-labor stat posts that people put up but thought this was slightly amusing/sad.
Last night I started having contractions but since we are both pretty new at this we didn't know if these were real or not so we went to the Womens Center anyway. Of course, by then the contractions had stopped. They hook me up, I sit forever feeling stupid and that I'm wasting people's time/energy/resources while the women in the other side of the curtain is having huge contractions and is being life-flighted somewhere. We sit and sit and then the nurse comes in and says we need to wake the baby up to get a better reading on his heart beat. So she brings a little thing over that looks like a phone receiver and puts it on my belly and ZAP! She sends the vibrating waves through me. Well let me tell you, he woke up. He JUMPED to the opposite side of my stomach and his heart rate went from 150 to 180 in a heart beat (yes, pun very much intended!). Poor little guy! She had scared him awake! He stayed at 180 for a little while and then you could tell he was slowly calming down. I felt kind of bad for him but chuckled at the same time. Needless to say, I'm 1cm dilated and 60 effaced and they sent me home. Fine by me. I'm not ready for him to come yet. Nate was a little disappointed but he can wait a little longer. In the words of my mom to Nate via text message, "Tell Rachel to keep her legs crossed for at least another week!" Will do mom.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our life since Christmas

It has been a hectic Christmas season.
-Finishing up school semester (btw, I got straight A's! In my Anthropology class, I recieved the highest grade on the final! A perfect score! Tooting my own horn here, TOOT TOOT!)
-Getting nursery ready for Baby. Didn't realize how much stuff you actually need!
We love everything IKEA for the baby room!

-Progressively getting bigger
At Nate's grandparents house with Nate's cousin and her babies, aunts, mother and grandma

Sunday before Christmas

-Nate switched to a new branch that he really enjoys
-Baking all the time. For Christmas presents for everyone, I made red velvet truffles, English toffee, and sugar cookies, so I was in the kitchen alot

-Christmas day!

Gah! Pardon the look... it was 6 in the morning and I had slept in a sleeping bag on the floor!
Testing out the towel and washcloth puppet the baby got for Christmas

-Emma came to visit
We got our nails done
At the nail place
At the snow on Mt. Lemmon

-We flew back to San Francisco together and my moms friends had a baby shower for me. We had crepes and fondue and played some games. He got more clothes than he'll ever be able to wear!
My friend Kelsey
Our good friend Lisa
Mom, Emma, Emily, Lauren
Yes, it was a Christmas themed shower.. ;)

-My good friend Nadine flew back out to Tucson with me after the trip to California

We went out to dinner at this hip burger bar called Zinburger. 
Nate was watching ESPN on the T.V

All in all it's been a really fun but busy holiday season and hopefully we will be better about posting now!