Monday, May 11, 2009

The Past Month

Went to Mesa to
~Grandparents house
~Arizona Mills (huge mall)
Baby was dressed too warmly so we went a little crazy at the Carter's outlet and did a little strip down on a bench
Cooler=happier baby
Rainforest Cafe

Went to the Zoo
We realized he's a little too young to enjoy it yet

Spending lots of time indoors in our dark bedroom because it's 101 outside and it's only May

Went to 2 month check up
weighs 13.4 pounds
Doesn't show, does it? :)

Rolling over
Did this 4 times in a row and hasn't done it since
(Please excuse the high pitched siren sound. Apparently, that's just how I sound.)

Happy Monday!


Usandthings said...

Nora is a stealth roller: I'll put her on her stomach and then get doing something then I'll turn around and she'll be on her back, 2 feet from where I put her.

annette said...

Keep the blogs coming so we can watch him grow.He looks like you rach.

Albright said...

I love him yawning at the zoo! I miss him so much!