Friday, August 28, 2009

Ode To Yogurt Bites

Ohhhh how I love you... I will never need ice cream/chocolate/cookies/cake again.... drool.
Excuse me while I go get a package from my freezer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Rachel

Our little niece Rachel and nephew Jimmy fell into a pool and drowned on Saturday. They were able to resuciate Jimmy but Rachel had been without air for too long. Saturday was also the one year anniversary of the fatal plane crash taking Nate's uncle Lansing and cousin Dallin. Our families are taking it very hard. In the mist of such a tragedy, it is a comfort to know that Rachel will be welcomed warmly by family in heaven and that we will see them all again. It was so great that we were able to get a picture of Gabriel with his big cousin just a month or two before. He won't remember her, but we can show him the picture and he can see her holding him. She was so sweet when he was in her lap and kept calling him Baby Gabey and talking to him. It is a tender mercy that Jimmy was not taken as well. Our cousin Marie wrote a wonderful post about Rachel and this "refiners fire". Please pray for our brother and sister in law Ben and Anya.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mobile Uploads

I can't stop taking pictures of this kid!
What a joker...

So relaxed on the move up to Flagstaff
Loves sticking his tongue out
One of the little kids arm chairs at Target
I found him crawling under the coffee table

Friday, August 21, 2009


We have not had internet since we moved up to Flagstaff! I was going crazy! It was amazing how much I really rely on the internet... Anywho, we have arrived and are settling in. Flagstaff is beautiful! Our apartment backs up onto an open field and meadow and mountains and trees! And we are so lucky to live in a unit that walks RIGHT out onto a grass lawn and a playground. Can't wait till Gabe is old enough to appreciate that! We LOVE our ward! Very lively and energetic bunch they are! Nate is getting used to his new branch but is sad that he doesn't have any super close friends right off the bat like he did at his last branch. Pros and cons of Flagstaff for me: Pros- Joanns, Target, trees, grass, cooler temps. Cons- Purina dog food factory right next to our house= want-to-die smell, insane freeway system, no Costco, no Tader Joe's, Sams Club pizza. Enough chatter, time for pictures!
So happy to be in his new room! 
Going on a walk behind our house
The parking lot
Nate and Gabriel 
Chubby boy
The view behind the house
More view
Yeah, I know you're jealous
Our playground
The lawn
Home, sweet home!
A fairy ring!
Hm... creepy looking fairy

But now that we are more or less settled in, I'll hopefully be posting more frequently! Yay Flagstaff!