Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gabe Destroys Christmas

And then Ernest Saves it....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Y'all owe me big time!

I just got home from the most horrendous post office trip.
I had three packages I needed to ship and I didn't have boxes big enough at home so I was just going to take them to the post to buy the boxes there. I (stupidly) forgot to bring my own tape, stuffing, address labels, etc. so I had to buy 2 boxes, 1 large envelope, a roll of bubble wrap, and a roll of packaging tape. But backing up to the parking lot, I had my arms full of packages AND I was trying to maneuver the stroller with Gabe in it. There was a line clear out the building but I went right in so I could package everything first.
I was at a counter trying to figure out which box to use and how I could get the most out of my small roll of bubble wrap and Gabe is screaming, trying to get out of the stroller and everyone is staring at me. So I get him out and try to entertain him with brochures on personalized photo stamps. Nothing is going the way I wanted it and there was too much room in both the boxes and I refused to open another package of bubble wrap if I didn't need to. I was going to take the unlabeled, untaped boxes up to the desk and see if they could fill it with peanuts or something.

I put Gabe back in the stroller and put my stack of boxes on the floor and I start making my way to the back of the line pushing the stroller and scooching the boxes with my foot. A nice older man let me cut in front of him, saying that I had been there longer than him. I was standing in line trying to entertain a wiggly, fussy baby when I realized that I needed to have the addresses on them already or the post worker would be very cross with me, so I tried writing on the envelope while holding Gabe but that wasn't working. I then realized I would have to get out of line to write on all of them! By this point I was so flustered, I wasn't thinking clearly. So I hop out of line, go to a counter and start trying to write the address on the envelope. The nice man insisted on pushing my stroller along in front of him to save my spot. I finally get the envelope written on and just figured I would have to leave the boxes blank so I could ask about the packing peanuts. You follow?
So I get up to the front of the line and decide I can't push everything, so I push the stroller against the wall so I would have one less thing to worry about. The nice man offers to lift my boxes up onto the counter for me. I thanked him hastily, and he left before I was done. I wish I could have thanked him more properly. Anyway the postal worker was very pleasant but said that they didn't have peanuts. I would have to buy more bubble wrap. Drat! But he helped me out by giving me a box that would fit better for one package and then opened up a new roll of bubbles and packaged the larger box for me. Then he gave me labels to fill out while he packaged. So again, I'm trying to write with one hand and hold Gabriel with the other and he was writhing and screaming and when Gabe gets mad, he gets vengeful. So he tries to grab the pen and throw it, and then he tries to grab the label and throw it. Sigh.
Anyway, that all got worked out and I paid for my TWO rolls of bubble wrap and the packages and started to leave. Then, in front of the entire crowded store, I remembered my stroller on the other side of the room, tried to turn back to get it and did a very classic slapstick slip on the slick floor. Kill me. Red faced, I grabbed my stroller and ran. I loaded up the car, Gabe instantly fell asleep, and I got half way home and realized in my haste, I had stuffed the new roll of tape into my purse and hadn't paid for it! Now I have to go BACK and pay for it!
So, to sum it up, you three who are getting my packages, just know what a hassle your presents were!! :) Just kidding. I really do love sending presents, just next time I'll do it on Nate's day off so I can go alone!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Wednesday night I realized that Gabriel had nothing festive to wear the next day, so I made him a turkey. :)
Very blurry turkey.

I think this is his favorite holiday. A day of stuffing yourself. Sounds like heaven to Gabe.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween, baby style

As you'll recall, my eggo was preggo last year, so this was Gabe's first official Halloween, not being a fat fairy... We had a ward trunk or treat on Saturday and Nate got out of work right when it started. Since he wouldn't have time to don a costume, we made his work clothes into a costume by dressing Gabe up the same. Nate had made him his very own Wells Fargo name tag so they were both dressed as bankers. Kind of lame sounding, I know. It's like when my dad said he was a banker every year when I was little and I believed him because he was carrying around the video camera "briefcase". Anyway, they looked really cute together and Gabe had his own little pillow case for his 6 pieces of candy he got. It was a lot of fun, but as we got in the car to leave, I said to Nate that this will probably be a lot more fun when we have more kids and they are a little older, because right now, it just looks like we are two parents exploiting our baby to get candy for ourselves..... which ended up being the case. :)
"Gabe" name tag, glasses, blue tie, yellow plaid shirt, and slacks

Although, Nate pointed out, he looked more like Harry Potter with the pipe cleaner glasses but.... I think people got the idea.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Football game

On Saturday, we went to NAU's homecoming game. It was really fun even though we are not a very good team... we won but it was like a glorified high school game. We all wore our gold and navy!

Inside the Skydome

Louie the Lumberjack and a tiny Louie underneath

Wearing their matching NAU shirts

Park Day and Pumpkins

Last Thursday was Nate's day off so we decided to go to our favorite park. It is a big beautiful park and Gabe loves it.

Afterwards, we went and picked out our pumpkins. One for me and one for Gabe. Nate didn't want one due to his first experience carving last year.

I'm so excited for Halloween this year! I don't know what I'm going to be but I'm just so excited for Gabe's first Halloween, even though he won't have any clue what is going on. Oh well!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rocky Point

We just got back from a week in Rocky Point Mexico with Nate's family. His grandpa has a beautiful time share right on the beach and we go once a year. It was so fun seeing Gabriel play with his cousins and they loved playing with him. Hyrum could not leave him alone! And Jimmy can't quite say Baby Gabey so he says Gabey Gabey. We also did family photos one day and they turned out great! Can't wait for next year!
We went to town...
We ate ice cream...
We ate graham crackers...
We colored...
We rode jet skis...
Ate sand...
Loved cousins...
And had a great time!
The beach
Turns out Gabriel is definitely a beach baby.

We couldn't keep him out of the water and sand!

Matching crabby faces
On the back porch
Hanging out with Hyrum
Sitting with Danie
Nate's brother Ben took some really great photos of the family.

This is my FAVORITE. Gabe and Danie

Monday, September 28, 2009

What the...?

I didn't put up his birthday picture! It was so freakin' cute! It was his 6 month birthday and yes, I got him a ice cream cupcake. And then I ate it. Yum.
There are a bunch of random pictures I have to put up. It would be wrong to deprive you of more photos of my darling baby. :)

Nate got a package and Gabriel loved the packing peanuts
Playing football with daddy
Family photo on the Wii: Me, Nate, and Gabe
Future Elder Allen

Gabe and I went to Utah to visit some family and friends. We stayed with my wonderful aunt Sylvia. Gabe got to play with lots of little cousins which was so fun!
Jumping at Sylvias
Gabriel and Logan
Logan is a much faster crawler than Gabe. He followed Logan around everywhere!
Posing for the camera
Going out together
I was doing the dishes at Sylvias and gave Gabe a piece of plain cake to keep him busy. When I turned around, it had exploded! It was everywhere!!

He loved it! Crumbs everywhere!
He loves to stand up next to his crib
Loves his books!
I came into his room after naptime and this is what I found!!! How cute!!
Climbs up his cubbies and pulls all his toys down