Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm taking a moment to post this whilst packing up my car. I have been alone for the past several weeks, packing up our entire house with a toddler under foot. I have had a couple sweet friends watch said toddler which was a lifesaver. We are moving today/tomorrow. But we aren't cleaning up or anything yet because we still own this place until the end f July which is nice because that's one less thing I have to stress about. Stress. That has been the word foremost on my mind these past few weeks. Nate came up yesterday and helped pack up some stray things. Today a few guys from the ward helped us load up our U-haul and then Nate headed back down to Tucson, while Gabe and I stay up here one more, lonely night because I made a commitment to play for the Young Women in Sacrament meeting and I'm the only Nursery leader tomorrow. We are going to leave right after church. A very large forest fire broke out this afternoon about 3 miles away from our house. The air around you in eerily orange and there is smoke everywhere. They have been evacuating neighborhoods around us. We have no TV, no radio, no way of hearing these evacuation warnings. Nate is gone. I have no one to help me load up the rest of our belongings into the car. I called the police station and asked if our area was evacuating and the officer said our area was on stand by. "Get all your things together and get ready to go." People keep telling me that it's ridiculous for me to be up here with all this going on. But I would feel horrible if church wasn't cancelled and I just flaked out of all my responsibilities. To make matters worse, we have officially been switched to our new ward in Tucson so the website doesn't let me look up anyones phone numbers for this ward here so I can't know if church is likely to be cancelled. I have no ones phone numbers. I am hot and sweaty and smell like campfire. The police officer took down my info and said she would call if anything changes. I can't wait to just get out of here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Very Own Anne Geddes Baby

I have always loved Anne Geddes. I used to have journals, notebooks, address books and calendars. Love her. On a side note, did you know she has a store? There is one in Disneyland and it is.... drool. Go look. I encourage you. Anywho, last week when we were in Mesa, Grandpa Dwight was pulling these big pots of dirt on a wagon to the front of the house to plant flowers. Grandma Rene and I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. So darling.

Now picture them with graham crackers and no sunflower heads. Exactly the same, right??