Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Bye Tucson

We are moving. Again. "Didn't you just barely get everything unpacked in this house?" Why, yes I did. "Didn't you guys move in not too long ago?" Well, yes that's true. Yep, we're moving. To Utah! Very exciting to be by my family but not excited about packing and moving. Nate got a job as a branch manager in Murray, so that means he gets his own Wells Fargo store. It's sad to leave friendships behind here, because this move is going to stick. The last time we moved away from Tucson to Flagstaff, we knew it wasn't going to be permanent. But this one will be. I'm sad to leave my baby-doctor and my baby's doctor. I'm sad to leave Gabe's new dentist, his friends and the story time lady. We will miss our ward, a lot. We will miss our cousins and family here but happy to be moving by other cousins and family.
I have wanted to take pictures in this plaza downtown for a few years now. Simultaneously, I have been wanting to take really great portraits of Gabriel for a couple years. Hmmm, here's a thought. Do them together. Ok! My great friend Jessica is amazingly talented. She does hair, takes photos, bakes and cooks, etc. She was lovely enough to take the pictures for me kind of commemorating our last full day in Tucson. They are fantastic!! (Despite the grouchy subject) She took about 400 and I'm going to post them all. HA! Nope. Just a few favorites. But be warned it is picture HEAVY.

My favorite

Keepin' it classy

Ah! I'm a crazy person! I know you didn't want to see all these but... tough. :)