Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Susan and Calvin visit

My best friend Susan and her little boy Calvin came this past week to visit us. It was so much fun! Cal was very sick the first couple days which was pretty scary but he ended up being just fine. We did lots of sewing and chocolate eating. :) Thanks for coming love!

Even though he was sick, Calvin was enthralled with Gabe! He couldn't leave him alone!

We made Nate his favorite, red velvet cake, for his 25th birthday!!

Calvin at the super fun toy store

It was really great swimming weather

Our babies spent a lot of time in just diapers! :)

Play group at the park

One cool dude

Susan and Gabey playing

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Albright said...

Remember that other picture of Cal in the sand..."what is this?" HAHAHAHAHA! We miss you guys! We HAVE to get together again to sew and eat chocolate!