Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yep, I figured as much...

Fluke. 10:30-5:00.... dang. Oh well.
Last night (Friday) he went down around 11. I woke up at 7:30 and Nate still had his eyes closed but asked if I had Gabe. I realized I didn't and started panicking that he was dead or something! All those SIDS people have turned me into a paranoid... I jumped out of bed and he was still sleeping peacefully!! 11-7:30! Thats how long Nate and I sleep! I couldn't believe it. Ok I promise no more sleeping posts... for anyone that's not Nate or me, it's just not that interesting.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did that really just happen??

This morning, my eyes drifted open... I looked at the clock, 6:30. My eyes started to shut again but flew open at a realization: I was awake for the very first time.
Gabriel slept through the night!
11-6:30. Seven and a half hours! Mommy and daddy gave each other a big hug and whispered a Hurray!
This was a fluke right?? It doesn't just happen over night does it? I mean, he only wakes up once or twice which isn't bad at all but to go from that to sleeping through the night? Must be a fluke...right?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh for One Thing to Go Smoothly......

So Nathan here making a rare posting.  Life is taking a rather exciting turn for our Allen clan.  First of all, we finally made our Baby announcements!  I have tried uploading the announcement a few times, but it keeps having errors, so I guess start checking your mail box in a week or two.Gabe continues to be a lot of fun, although he is figuring out we jump when he starts screaming, so that has increased.  That and he is getting bigger by the day make for interesting days.  I will call home during work to see how things are going, and I can usually hear Gabe squack before Rachel even has time to say hello.  But dang he's cute.

Our big news is that we're moving again!  No firm dates or times yet, but it looks like this little family will be heading north to Flagstaff, AZ.  The U of A is going through some pretty severe budget cuts and restructuring, so my program is being eli
minated.  I have been told by my councilor that I can transfer into the Business School's program for Marketing, which will
 result in higher tuition and 2 more years of school, or I can transfer to Northern Arizona University, pay less tuition and graduate in 1 year.  Since it is getting to be summer time in Tucson again (meaning 100 degree days are right around the corner), Flagstaff (average summer temp in the high 70-low 80's) is pretty attractive.  I've been accepted into the communications school, given high priority status, and am well on my way to starting up 
there in August.  The only hitch now is finding work up there, which is moving rather slowly.  I'm trying to stay with the company, but opportunities are a bit less frequent then they are in a larger place like Tucson.  But we're keeping our fingers crossed!

So thats all for me, but I know what needs to be on the blog, so I'll just get to that, here are more pictures of Gabe!
       Gabe's Blessing Outfit

Our favorite picture of Gabe

Standard Church attire

It may not look it, but he is already getting so much bigger!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something to tide you over....

My family was here for spring break.... lots of good pictures, just not a lot of time to post them :)