Sunday, March 30, 2008

What are we, Savages?

So last saturday, between 3 - 11 am, someone broke into our car.  They forced entry through the driver side front door, and tried to take the Yukon.  Apparently there has been a lot of crime in the area where we live.  An Episcopalian church in the area was broken into, car thefts have been occurring frequently.  This is not the friendliest neighborhood anymore.  

They ripped off the sleeve around the steering column and tried to force the ignition system.  Fortunately they did it wrong, and the car wouldn't start.  Unfortunately, he also made it so that the car wouldn't start.  So I've been trying to arrange for a locksmith to come and force start it so that I can get it moved away from the high risk parking lot. 


Chelsea and Tyson said...

Ah man that's terrible. "that was...awesome, sorry about your car" :) I miss you guys so much!

coryshay said...

Sheesh! What kind of neighborhood do you guys live in??