Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Football game

On Saturday, we went to NAU's homecoming game. It was really fun even though we are not a very good team... we won but it was like a glorified high school game. We all wore our gold and navy!

Inside the Skydome

Louie the Lumberjack and a tiny Louie underneath

Wearing their matching NAU shirts

Park Day and Pumpkins

Last Thursday was Nate's day off so we decided to go to our favorite park. It is a big beautiful park and Gabe loves it.

Afterwards, we went and picked out our pumpkins. One for me and one for Gabe. Nate didn't want one due to his first experience carving last year.

I'm so excited for Halloween this year! I don't know what I'm going to be but I'm just so excited for Gabe's first Halloween, even though he won't have any clue what is going on. Oh well!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rocky Point

We just got back from a week in Rocky Point Mexico with Nate's family. His grandpa has a beautiful time share right on the beach and we go once a year. It was so fun seeing Gabriel play with his cousins and they loved playing with him. Hyrum could not leave him alone! And Jimmy can't quite say Baby Gabey so he says Gabey Gabey. We also did family photos one day and they turned out great! Can't wait for next year!
We went to town...
We ate ice cream...
We ate graham crackers...
We colored...
We rode jet skis...
Ate sand...
Loved cousins...
And had a great time!
The beach
Turns out Gabriel is definitely a beach baby.

We couldn't keep him out of the water and sand!

Matching crabby faces
On the back porch
Hanging out with Hyrum
Sitting with Danie
Nate's brother Ben took some really great photos of the family.

This is my FAVORITE. Gabe and Danie