Monday, September 28, 2009

What the...?

I didn't put up his birthday picture! It was so freakin' cute! It was his 6 month birthday and yes, I got him a ice cream cupcake. And then I ate it. Yum.
There are a bunch of random pictures I have to put up. It would be wrong to deprive you of more photos of my darling baby. :)

Nate got a package and Gabriel loved the packing peanuts
Playing football with daddy
Family photo on the Wii: Me, Nate, and Gabe
Future Elder Allen

Gabe and I went to Utah to visit some family and friends. We stayed with my wonderful aunt Sylvia. Gabe got to play with lots of little cousins which was so fun!
Jumping at Sylvias
Gabriel and Logan
Logan is a much faster crawler than Gabe. He followed Logan around everywhere!
Posing for the camera
Going out together
I was doing the dishes at Sylvias and gave Gabe a piece of plain cake to keep him busy. When I turned around, it had exploded! It was everywhere!!

He loved it! Crumbs everywhere!
He loves to stand up next to his crib
Loves his books!
I came into his room after naptime and this is what I found!!! How cute!!
Climbs up his cubbies and pulls all his toys down


Albright said...

He is SO cute! I love that outfit he has in the last rew pics! I love that he can stand up and pull his toys from the cubbies! AHH! and the picture with the football is my fav!

Bridget said...

Wow, I saw the birthday cake and I thought, "how could it possibly have been a year already?!?" Glad to be wrong on that one. So cute!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

Oh he is the cutest! I can't believe he is standing up by himself. Oh, and we have the same baby monitor :) What a cutie he is. And I'm so sad I didn't get to see you more. It was a bummer we had to leave so quick

wendy said...

He is so cute. I wanted to see you guys when you were up, but I just couldn't swing getting to the party. Sorry I missed you.