Friday, September 19, 2008

Summer trips Part 2

So after California we went to Idaho to visit friends. We stayed with our friends Susan and Nick and it was SO much fun (at least for us!)
And yes I got a little carried away with how cute Calvin is... I could make a whole photo album about him!
They both look very uncomfortable with each other.
Calvin looks like a rock star sticking his tongue out and look at his hand!!
We also worked on a few sewing projects. I got kind of grumpy because mine sucked. :(

So cute.
Went to Craigos. Like ya do.

Ha! So when he was born, I bought Susan some Pee Pee Tee Pees. Hilarious. And we put one on his head to make him look like a wizard!

Susan and Calvin in the pool. Of course I pulled out my camera at the end of all our swimming.

At the park after dinner

One angry lion.
I seriously have like 10 more pictures of him... but I'll restrain myself. :)

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Tyson and Chelsea said...

Oh so, so cute. Are you excited to have one of your own? I bet he/she will be so cute