Saturday, September 6, 2008

Couple Tag

So Chelsea tagged us... as a couple... so here it is:

Couple TAG
What is his name:  Nate
What is her name:  Rachel
How long have you been together:  Married 1 year, together almost 2, best friends 3
How long did you date:  4 months
How old is he:  24
How old is she: 21
Who eats more:  Rachel
Who said I love you first: Nate tried to say it first but couldn't so Rachel said it first.
Who is taller:  Uh Nate... were about a foot difference
Who sings better:  Rachel
Who is smarter:  Nate
Who does the laundry: Both. Whoever gets there first. Nate folds. Rachel had roommates for that.
Who pays the bills:  Nate at work. Rachel doesn't even know we have any.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:  Rachel. It's the farthest away from the door. Rachel's scared of murderers.
Who mows the lawn: We don't so much have grass in Tucson. So neither. But Rachel waters the "garden."
Who cooks the dinner:  Rachel. Nate makes nachos.
Who drives:  Both separately during the day but when together, Nate.
Who is more stubborn: Nate. But Rachel can hold her own.
Who proposed: Nate while Rachel was cleaning the house . 
Who is more sensitive: Nate. Rachel doesn't have a soul.

Tagging: Nick and Susan, Bryce and Jamie, and Warren and Becky


Beth said...

Haha, that was funny to read. I'm glad Nate can handle at least nachos!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

Ouch. I feel sorry for Nate now :) JK Rach. Maybe you should move to somewhere with grass (wink wink). It's a lot more fun :)

coryshay said...

It would be interesting to know which one of you actually wrote this one! :) PS it was good to see you guys last week!

Albright said...

HAHA! Rachel DID have a roommate to fold her clothes!!!! But that was my fault Nate...