Friday, September 5, 2008

California Trip

So as we were driving up the California coast, our car broke down on he side of the road in a little beach town. Bad fuel pump. 6 hours later, back on the road.
Everyone on the train to the city
Chelsea with her loaf of sourdough
Me and my mom
Everyone in the city after shopping
Train ride home
The Beach
The Gals
Chels and I were having a chicken fight
'Nuff said
Great America
Emma was scared to go on Top Gun

Nate was so excited to be an astronaut 
This telescope is named Rachel!
Hot chocolate in July?!
Very cute

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Tyson and Chelsea said...

Yay for California! You got some really cute pictures. I would like copies of them. I tagged you..see my blog (I know, I finally posted something)