Wednesday, May 28, 2008

24 And Counting

So I am the bad husband for not writing about this yet, but I wanted to make sure I had adequate time to do the wonderful birthday surprise justice.  Just more evidence for how fantastic my wife is.  

The Friday before my birthday, Rachel called me at work and told me we needed to be a shuttle service for one of my nephews, which kind of disappointed me because I had been hoping to go see a movie that night.  So I was walking out to my car and there was Rachel with my nephew and dad waiting for me.  We go the kid's car seat put in my car, and started driving north.  But as we were heading out, Rachel let me know we should get on the free way and head to Phoenix.  She had surprised me with a hotel reservation in Phoenix.  Other than my nephew crying like crazy and us having to wait forever at my brother's house, it was a great start to a fun weekend.  We had dinner at Claim Jumper, a steak house kind of chain.  If there is one near you, go.  It was beyond delicious.  The highlight was the dessert, a red velvet cupcake with this really good white cream cheese frosting.  Oh yeah.

We got up in the morning and went to see Prince Caspian (Rachel didn't seem to enjoy it too much, but I thought it was amazing).  Then we went to GameWorks, a huge arcade basically, and spent some time there.  Rachel is very proud that she beat me on a tennis game, but I remember dominating in our Nascar race.  We also went to see a 3-D Imax movie about the Grand Canyon.  Apparently we need to be better about conserving water, so everyone, go turn off your leaky faucets!  We ended our time in Phoenix by going to the Rainforest Cafe (never had been there before, kept jumping during the "rain storms") and a quick walkthrough of IKEA.  I think we have our whole future house decorated.  

Overall, my birthday was amazing.  


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nate! I am glad ya'll had a great weekend. I miss you guys!!! I totally want you to move closer! and I need your address!


Tyson and Chelsea said...

yay for birthdays! I miss you guys. So Rachel, you know the name Afton? Was that you that liked it?

coryshay said...

What a fun surprise!!

Beth said...

That is pretty awesome. I guess my text message to which you never replied just didn't cut it for you :)

I miss you guys! See you soon I hope!

Chelsea and Tyson said...

Cause we might use it if we have a girl :D

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Nate, the cousin-in-law I've never met! Maybe you guys could roadtrip up our way this summer... Our cousin Jeff is getting married in August, sounds like the perfect excuse... (Even though it's overwhelming my own fault that we've never met!)