Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day etc.

This weekend has been very exciting. 
It's getting hot, hot, HOT! The sky is cloudless and unforgiving
but things are starting to come to life. The question is how long will they survive?!
My African violet I thought was dead started to bloom!
Look! Clouds!
My strawberries are blooming!

I went to a very interesting concert of Kitran music at a Yoga studio with a family I babysit for. Kitran is a kind of Sikh music.. from what I could piece together. It was very pretty music... kind of odd culturally but... I'd go again. It was this husband/wife duo called Shantala. It was chanting and call and response songs. First song went on for 45 minutes. Long show. But this family I was with bought me a beautiful necklace made of paper in Uganda. 
I loved it!

Also this weekend I got some lovely presents in the mail from some lovely friends.
Susan sent me a framed scrapbook page of us, a box of Annie's mac and cheese(the best!), and this great card she said reminded her of me. And it does to me too!
And when we still lived in Rexburg, my sweet friend Jamie was teaching me how to do stained glass. I never got to finish my first piece so she finished off the edges and sent it to me! She is an amazing artist! Check her out!

Mothers day was nice because we have a really young ward with looooots of new babies so it was fun to see all the new moms. A man in our ward gave a really excellent talk basically calling the men in our ward to repentance about the way they treat their wives. Pretty intense but really good. And the bishop stood up and said he grew up in the era where to show someone you really really cared, you didn't get them flowers, or chocolates... you got them a mix tape! We all laughed so hard when he said that he wanted to get us all mix tapes but his counselors advised him not to. So he did something like it. He gave all the women a CD of General Conference talks about the importance and role of women. It was a very thoughtful gift. Also there's a guy in our ward who owns an ice cream parlor here in town called Penguin's and he brought in hundreds of cups of frozen yogurt in like 6 different flavors with toppings and everything! I enjoyed that I got Mothers day loot without the Mother part! :)


Jamie Blake said...

Yay! I am glad that the stained glass arrived safely and that you love it! that makes me so excited! i keep thinking about how you tagged me, and it still don't know what to do for it!

Albright said...

Yay for free ice cream, or frozen yogurt! I'm so jealous of your pretty flowers! I want to have a pretty little garden some day! I hope that they survive out there in that heat! I was confused about the tag thing too, but I figured it go look at it!

Beth said...

Hey, so you're getting a present from me too....did you get it yet? I hope you'll add it to this post too so I can feel like part of the in crowd :)

coryshay said...

looks like you're having fun! Except for that hot weather part ;)