Sunday, March 16, 2008


News flash! We have friends in Tucson! Nate and I have a running joke that whenever we are in a new place, he always says to me "Ok now go make us friends!" and we laugh because it never really happens. But someone from the ward will be nice to us and we get all excited and say "We made friends!" But this week, we actually did!!
Thursday we went over to our friends Jay and Maranda's house to play a board/card/strategy game called Marvel Heros. Yes, a grownups comic book game. SO complicated and it took 4 HOURS. But the boys (Nate, his brother Daniel and Jay) had so much fun. Maranda and I kind of gave up in the end and just chatted. The boys got a little frustrated whenever it was our turn, but we were having too much fun talking!
Thursday's fun was followed by Friday night, when we went to some more friend's place and played games.  Savannah is my Visiting Teacher, and she was banking in Nate's branch Friday and she invited us over. We played Killer Bunnies with her and her husband Todd.  It was crazy, we played two whole games of Killer Bunnies in twenty minutes!  Afterwards, we played Scum, or as I know it The Great Dalmudi.  It was a lot of fun.
Saturday we had a ward picnic at Ft. Lowell Park.  Nate had a blast playing Three Flies up with some guys from the ward while I had a great time watching Jay and Maranda's kids.  We got together with them, and Nate and Bethany Price (some more friends from the ward) and played Marvel Heroes again, and played Super Smash brothers.  Nate had a lot of fun.  It was kind of a boring night for me, but Nate sure had fun.
Today we got a new game we ordered a week ago, called Vikings.  It is a lot like Settlers of Catan, but different game play.  It was really fun, now we are looking for people to play it with. Hint hint! :)


Anonymous said...

That's FABULOUS! I'm so glad you have friends down there. And two games in 20 minutes is awesome. I'm quite impressed, and baffled.

I need to stop playing with so many friends, I stay up too late and don't get my homework done :(

Anonymous said...

YAY for friends! I miss you guys! Even if I totally didn't understand Killer Bunnies, it was way fun! I need to come visit someday! You are way better at this blog thing than me!