Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Must Kung-Foo Fight!

So I just wanted to point out to everybody that I have the coolest wife.  She completely tolerates my "nerdiness" and even supports me in it on occasion.  Take this monday for example.  One of my favorite purchases we did with funds from wedding presents was a Nintendo Wii.  Well, there was a new game coming out, Super Smash Brothers, and Rachel knew how badly I wanted it.  I had been saving a Gift Card I had won at work in Idaho for the game to come out so that it wouldn't cost very much, but the first day I could buy the game I forgot the gift card at home.  I had been running late to work and left it on the counter.  So Rachel, awesome wife that she is, went out of her way to buy the game and drop it off at the apartment so that it would be waiting for me when I got home from work.  She even left a little note on it, so I was the happiest guy in the whole state of Arizona when I got home.  She is fantastic!  Basically, when it comes to who has the greatest spouse, I totally win.

The past few days have been fun.  A couple weeks ago Rachel and I went to the temple with my parents and we left Rachel's engagement and wedding ring combo at the jewelers for its semi-annual checkup.  The ring didn't fit quite right to Rachel's liking, so she had some adjustments ordered, and this past Saturday we drove to Phoenix to pick it up.  By so doing we got "volunteered" to help my brother Ben with a photography gig he had arranged.  It was a graduation ceremony for this little tiny university that focuses on medical like professions, but isn't a medical school.  I've never been a big fan of graduation ceremonies anyway, but life gets much much worse when you aren't in the graduating party.  Rachel and Ben were working the cameras, and I was playing Monopoly on my cell phone.  That part of the day ended with Ben taking us to Taco Bell to reward our hard work.  Due to a mix up with the clerks calling the wrong number, we took another customer's food.  I was returning to the store when this big monstrosity of a guy comes walking out towards our car.  I smiled, told him about the mistake, and handed him the food, not thinking much of it.  He let out a string of profanity, flipped off my brother waiting for us...Rachel pointed out we made a mad black guy a madder black guy.

Thats all for us.  Rachel will surely have something to comment on in the next few days!

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