Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday, the fair, Easter, and others

I feel like the older Gabe gets, the less I take pictures. I'm not changing him into cute little outfits 5 times a day, he's not reaching any milestones super fast like eating, rolling, crawling, walking... Do other mother's feel that way? That the little baby picture taking honeymoon is over? Anyway, a lot has happened and I just haven't had the energy to blog! I'll try to catch up.
It was my birthday a while ago and it was really nice! Some friends arranged a surprise Murder Mystery party for me that was a 50's BBQ theme. We had great food and a lot of fun!! I wasn't the murderer luckily... that would have been a birthday downer :) My brother in law Daniel lives with us and gave me Harry Potter Legos for my birthday! The three of us stayed up all night building Hogwarts castle and Hagrid's hut. Really, really fun. Nate got me an Ipod and a board game called Ticket to Ride. Really great birthday!
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My dear friend Camry invited us to the county fair and we jumped at the chance. So we loaded up her car with our three babies and drove 20 minutes to the fair. She grew up a farm girl and did FFA and animal competitions and graduated in animal sciences so we spent most of the day in the animal competition barn. So much fun! She raised goats so she was chatting up the goat people and we got to pet baby goats and the kids got to hang out in a goat pen. It was really fun going there with her because she could tell me things about the cows and the sheep and goats. She could name every goat breed by sight! We really had a lot of fun and it's a good thing we didn't have any cash on us because we were tempted to buy everything in sight for our kids! Fairs are like that :)

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Easter was very relaxed. We went up to Mesa, I got to wear my new Easter dress and Gabe got some fun things from the Easter bunny. We waited around for quite a while for Nate's uncle and his family to show up for dinner because they were bringing the ham, rolls, and jello. We finally called them and they said "Um you didn't get our message a couple days ago?" "No..." "Oh... well we can't come anymore!" Well, there goes our main course! So someone ran around the corner to Nate's grandparents house to get a ham out of their fridge and we micro heated it fast and dinner was served! Nate's parent's new house has probably 30 orange and grapefruit trees around it which are beautiful to take pictures by (Christmas card) and for eating from! I picked a huge box full of giant grapefruit and oranges. Yum. So I took some Easter pictures of Gabe in front of the trees. None of me in my new dress but oh well!
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The Easter bunny brought a Playdough set. SO much fun!

Random Gabe
Built a block tower. There is a similar picture of me about the same age, wearing a new pair of panties with a block tower.
Watching Toy Story with his Mouse ears

His favorite thing is to line all his cars up along the tv stand


Tyson and Chelsea said...

how fun! Gabe is getting to be such a big boy! He looks so grown up. I can't wait to see you guys this summer!

Murlene Brown Watkins said...

Such cute photos! Wish you had taken one of you in your Easter dress. It is really cute! Thanks for blogging!

annette said...

Wonderful update.

Albright said...

Okay, so I love ALL the pictures of Gabe! He is getting SO big! I love that kid! and I wish youo'd taken a picture of your dress too!