Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can't stay away

Gabe and I went to Rocky Point again this past weekend. It was very short notice and Nate couldn't get time off. So it was me, Gabe, my mother, father and brother in law. It was very fun! Just simple and relaxed. We played in the water this time and sat outside on the warm patio and listened to conference.

I was trying to be nice and let Gabe sleep in my bed for a nap during conference. I thought he was asleep but he came walking out an hour later COVERED from head to toe in my Bare Escentuals and other makeup. I was so mad I couldn't even react for a long time. Grandma Rene was laughing so hard and took pictures. I'm glad we chronicled it. She said "He's two!". Anyway, I scrubbed him clean and put him to bed in HIS caged bed. 

Walking down our driveway

With a giraffe at the Wrought Iron store where Grandma was commissioning a bed

Sweet story: this is the Iron worker's son Brandon. He speaks no English, Gabe can say rainbow, 1-10, and a few other odds and ends in Spanish. So they couldn't really communicate. But the whole time we were there, they played together with this little toy dinosaur and horse Brandon owned. These were not wealthy people. When we left the store, Gabe cried as I was getting him into the car. Brandon ran up and gave Gabriel his horse. Such a sweet boy! We went back a few days later to pick up the bed so we gave him a Hot Wheels car.

Driving the tiny cart at Mexico's version of Walmart


Take 1.

That's better!

Grandma Rene's hat

The Makeup Incident

Including all my empty Bare Enscentuals, mascara, eye liner, lipstick and one eyeshadow, I had to throw away about $60 worth of makeup.

Makeup face

Uncle Daniel reading his Kindle

This is the frame by frame panoramic view from our patio.


Jesse and Camry said...

and I think Ispeak for all when I say, we are so jealous...about rocky point, not the makeup!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

I could seriously die to go to that place. I'm so green with envy. Gabe gets cutter every time you show pictures of him. Thanks for sharing.

annette said...

That is a sad makeup story, but he is a little cutie!

Amy said...

Looks like a fun place to stay! Sorry about the make-up. Good thing he's too cute to stay mad at!

Albright said...

What a sweet story about that little boy! And I would have LOST MY MIND if Calvin destroyed my makeup like that!! I would yell "REALLY CALVIN?!?!" LOL! Good thing he is so cute! I can't get over that haircut! He looks soooo big!

Kendra said...

SO CUTE! I can't wait to meet Gabe! That beach is SO beautiful!