Monday, March 7, 2011

Gabe's 2nd Birthday

Yikes. I have a 2 year old. When I was little, we used to watch Dinosaurs the Tv show. I loved it. But the only episode that has stayed with me these 15 years was the Terrible Twos episodes. I actually had nightmares from that episode. Seriously. Watch the episode but NOT WITH YOUR KIDS if they scare easily. I don't want to be blamed for nightmares! Part 1, part 2, part 3 Anyway, this is honestly the first thing I think of when I think of terrible twos. I have heard recently that it's not the AGE 2, it's the YEAR 2, if that makes since. The Chinese actually celebrate it that way. When a baby is born, he's already 9 months old in their books. Gabe just passed through his 2nd year which is when that supposedly happens. So I think were in the clear. Cross your fingers. 

Gabe and I flew home the day before his birthday from Baltimore. Friday was his birthday and we opened the presents from us. We got him Toy Story the movie, a few Hot Wheels, a car mat, and an ABC magnet game. Nate brought him a cupcake home from work and then we went to dinner at Zinburger. YUM. 
The next morning was his party. It was a Cars themed tailgate. The cute invitations were made by Nate and they were supposed to be a race flyer. 
Nate and his brother Daniel cooked up some home made root beer that we called motor oil and lots of burgers.
We had banners with movie quotes on them:
The food table
Flo runs the fuel station and this was our fuel station... I know it looks really awkward if you don't know the line.... :)
Guido is the best tire changer around so we played a version of pin the tail on the donkey. And yes I drew and painted that all by myself. Thanks for asking. We used black paper plates as wheels.
We made personalized license plates. This was a hit! These two tables were packed.
Cake with Cars on it and, come to find out seconds after this picture was taken, trick candles! I just grabbed them because they were .99c at the store. I looked pretty dumb trying to blow those candles out over and over...
Eating cake at the new table Grandma Rene got him.
Wearing his Cars shirt for the occasion.
The kids also played on the car mat with the 30(!!!) cars he got for his birthday and watched Mater's Tall Tales. Highly recommend. I don't really like the movie Cars beacuse of Lightning McQueen. Mater is the best part of the movie, so a movie all about him? I'll take that over Cars any day.
You thought I was exaggerating. :)
(And yes he has a black eye. That's for a later post!)

Happy Birthday baby toddler!
P.S. sent me my weekly e-mail on Friday and the new header said "Your Preschooler". I almost had a conniption. I'm still recovering. Please send chocolate.


Usandthings said...

Where's the pictures of you blowing out the candles for the 3rd time? That one was great! Thanks for inviting us, Lillian hasn't stopped talking about it. Actually, we had our friends Rachel and David over last night, and Lillian spent the whole time telling her about the OTHER Rachel who had a party with Cars and cake.

Unknown said...

Wow Nate did a good job on the invites--super cute! And Gabe is just adorable of course... even with that nice shiner :)

annette said...

Wow that was a great birthday bash! Happy birthday little cutie!

Natchel said...

What an awesome party!!!! I wish Cal and I could have been there!! YOu weren't lying about all those cars! So cool that Nate and Daniel made that rootbeer! What a lucky boy to have some awesome parents to throw him that party!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

You guys are soooooo much fun. How did you pull all that together so quickly after your trip? I love the ideas and the invitation. I wish I could think of such fun ideas for parties. You two are a hoot as parents! You should have lots of kids!!!

Albright said...

So apparently you were still signed in on your account here! So that comment from yourself was really from me :) Opps!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

OH he's so cute! I can't believe how big he has gotten. I haven't seen him in so long!

coryshay said...

Yikes! You have a 2 year old!!! Where has the time gone!! Adorable party and kiddo.

Annie said...

Rachel, your energy and the awesome stuff you come up with are intimidating*ahem*inspiring! Happy birthday cute little Gabe. Also, the ending of the post is hilarious.

Amy said...

You are such a fun mom! What a fun birthday party for Gabe, he is such a cutie. I just want to squeeze him!