Friday, February 11, 2011

Rocky Point, Freezing style

We went on our annual Puerto Penasco trip last week during the freezing storm that drove about 60% of the country crazy with the chills. And guess what? Mexico can get cold! Bet you didn't know that! Even though we couldn't swim in the water, we bundled up and played in the sand and dipped our feet in the water. Gabriel LOVES his cousins and they are so great with him. We played Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar, and the Animal Signs game every night, had morning devotionals, played games, played marbles, wrote in the family Mexico scrapbook and ate a lot of great food. My brother in law Daniel bought a smoker just for the occasion, so he could make smoked pulled pork sandwiches for his cooking day. 
*Lots of pictures here. Susan, these are for you! ;)*

Danie and Gabe curled up watching a movie

New water shoes :)
Isn't this amazing looking?
Low tide

It was COLD. Not a soul out there.
Danie collecting shells
Riley in his hamster ball in front of our house

Playing Gobblet
Daniel and Nate playing Cosmic Cows
"Hello lady... you come here often?"
The kids found a treasure map in a bottle on the beach!
Hyrum and Gabe are best friends. Gabe follows him everywhere.

Digging for the pirate treasure
My favorite picture of Danie, making a sandcastle for Gabe
Grandma Rene's marble collection
The only picture of me on my camera from the whole trip.

Riley pulling out the treasure chest

This reminds me of Sean Connery in Indiana Jones
"Let my armiesh be the rocksh and the treesh and the birdsh in the shky."
Watching Grandma and Riley play marbles
Taking over for Riley
Grant and Daniel relaxin'



Beth said...

Well despite the pictures being for susan, I loved them! It looks like a fun trip!

Murlene Brown Watkins said...

Cute photos! The house looks amazing! I'd like to go there someday :-)

Tyler Ball said...

So what was in the treasure chest? Marbles?

OHS said...

Wow, I would kill to go there!! What a fun tradition you have. I love the pictures.

Paige said...

how fun! that's exciting they found a treasure map! did you guys set that up or did it really wash on shore?

annette said...

Great pictures. It looks beautiful there cold or not.