Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Final Verdict

We are moving to Tucson.
Big city= restaurants, stores, malls, movie theaters
doctors/businesses we trust
Northwest Hospital, I heart thee and want all subsequent babies to be born there
friends we love

car thieves
mourning doves
no grass
no trees
serious crime
car/baby seat/stroller thieves
mourning doves

You get the idea.
But Nate got a great job working for our good friend Derek at the bank and he is so excited. We are excited to be by friends again. We are also excited because we are renting this 3 bed 2 bath house down the street from Derek, Pam and Haley. I'm so happy to be in a house!! No more apartments!

Not a very stylish kitchen but as long as I can make dinner, I don't mind.

Living room

The best part is this great backyard! Gabe will be in heaven with all those rocks and the swings!

The tough thing is that we have a contract at this apartment until July 31 and Nate has to start work June 1. We can move into our house June 7. To break our contract we would have to pay about $4,800 that we don't have. So, there is our pickle. Nate has to move to Tucson and crash on someone's couch for a week but Gabe and I have to stay in Flagstaff and pack and clean for 2 months. Alone. Packing. With a toddler. Alone. Yuck. And then Gabe and I will be in Provo for the month of August. I will be playing the role of parental guardian for Emma. I'm helping her move in to her dorm and get adjusted to things, go to orientation, buy twin XL sheets, etc. So 3 months away from husband/dad and paying two rents. Not fun! But we got a house! Wahoo!


Bridget said...


Usandthings said...

We're really excited you're coming back! It is hot, there's no way around that, but we're here. Does that make up for it... somehow? When we moved to Arizona, we had a mini situation like yours: We had to be out of our apartment, but Tyler wasn't done with his thesis so he stayed in San Luis on a friend's couch while me and Lillian went off to my sister's house for 2 weeks. Not quite as bad as having to pack at the same time. Good luck!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

I Love that house! But I can't tell you how sad I am you won't be in Utah. But congrats on the great job! I hope all the packing goes well, I wish I was there to help.

annette said...

Congratulations. The house looks fabulous. I was pulling for Smithfield but oh well. Good luck with everything. Moves are always trying.Put on your big girl panties and yada, yada, yada, you know the drill.

Hilary said...

Um, hello, school is over for me in four weeks. LET ME HELP YOU! I love roadtrips, I wanna meet Gabe, and I'd love to see Flagstaff for the first time before y'all head out.

Love you guys!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

Yay for moving into a house!! I'm glad Nate got a great job. I can't wait to see you and baby Gabie in August.

coryshay said...

Look at you all growed up!! Life is a lot more complicated when you grow up, but it's more fulfilling too! I love your new place and I am so excited for you, except I really wish you were coming here :)

Elaine Brown Billings said...

P.S. send your new address (in some mode or the other)

Amanda said...

Hey! Remember me? We're kinda in the same situation. Only we're moving to Phoenix and can't sell our house in Tucson. Keith has already started his new job up there, crashing at my grandma's house, and I'm down here with 3 kids and no car praying that someone will please buy the house already so we don't have to keep living separate lives. Fun stuff, but it will all be worth it in the end right?!?!?!