Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Valentine's Trip

Nate was going to be busy around the real Valentine's weekend so the weekend before, he surprised me with a getaway to Sedona. Sedona is about an hour from Flagstaff, in Red Rock country. It is absolutely beautiful! Nate was trying to be sweet and got us a bed and breakfast, but the only places he could find were for more... romantic trips. Showers to two, mirrored ceilings... you get the idea. He was trying to find a family friendly place and he finally found one. But when we got there, we were in for quite a surprise! It was just a regular house. This old couple just had an extra room in their house that they rent out!! It was SO awkward! We couldn't stop giggling under our breath. They were sitting there in their easy chairs watching tv and she was knitting, waiting up for us to get there! We ate breakfast at their table with them every morning. It was just... awkward. That's the best word for it. But we had fun going around Sedona. We ate at an amazing restaurant called the Barking Frog and walked around the shops and the main streets. Then the best part was the last night, we went to Blazin' M Ranch, which is a cowboy ranch and dinner show. It was so much fun! Amazing food and really fun cowboy music performed. It was a fun trip!
Chapel of the Holy Cross. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his student, it is built into the red rocks.
The chapel
The art village of Tlaquepaque
The angel Gabriel
Locked up at the Blazin' M Ranch
'Bout to get hanged
The dinner show performers
Gabe was helping us pack to go home
In his new onesie: Knee-high to a grasshopper.
On the bum it has a little grasshopper, hopping. :)
Driving home to Flag


Elaine Brown Billings said...

How nice of Nate! I remember well my trip to Sedona several years ago with your fam. It was so fun, and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

annette said...

I agree with you...b&b's could be very ackward!

Amy said...

oh my goodness! that is such a funny story. awkward is the perfect word to describe that for sure! cute pictures the angel one :)

Tyler Ball said...

It could have been worse. The bed in the old couples house could have been heart shaped too.

Tyson and Chelsea said...

What a fun trip! Looks like fun. Gabe is getting so big and looks so cute with his little teeth! Miss you guys!

Hilary said...

Oh my gosh I want to love on that BABY! I saw Jeff and Amy's little Grant the other day and just about died, I need a little Gabe in my life. When are you guys coming up to Utah? Or do I have to pay you guys a visit??