Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Weekend Behind Us

So this weekend was one of the best weekends ever.  Saturday morning we got up and went to Rachel's nanny people's house so that I could help the father take down the daughter's bunk beds.  Apparently the six year olds had thought it would be fun to jump off the top bunk and face plant into the ground.  I know it makes me a bad person, but when I heard why I was taking the bed down, I really had to fight not to laugh.  
Afterwards we went house hunting some more, mostly to help us overcome the disappointment.  We made an offer on a beautiful 1900 sq ft house, but there was some co
nfusion between our agent, the representing agent, and the representative of the grant program we are getting money from.  Tucson is doing a revitalization drive right now, so we are getting $20,000 to put as a down payment, on the city's tab.  But because of the confusion, the house agent threw out our offer.  Hope is not lost, but it was a bit of a setback.  

After that, we went and saw Get Smart with my family, and it is awesome.  A nice movie where you can sit down, shut off your brain and just laugh.  Highly recommend it.

Last night we celebrated our friend Jay's birthday.  As a birthday present he got himself Rock Band and we spent some time playing it.  I will admit, in the past I have laugh
ed at people playing it, commenting on how ridiculous they look.  I never wanted to be one of those people.  But I am now a believer.  I play a mean bass, and can do a pretty good drum solo!

All for now.  We are getting pretty excited for our month of vacations.  First week of July we are going to Rocky Point Mexico with my family to a beach house there.  Then, we'll be back for two days, then off to San Francisco to spend a week with Rachel's family.  Then we come home for two weeks, then we are off to Idaho for a week.  Oh boy!


Kendra said...

YOU HAVE to visit me!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please visit me!!!! When you comin' to Idaho? I hope the house hunting goes well!

Albright said...

Sorry about the house guys! I would be pretty bummed too! If you don't have any luck in AZ then you can always move to Maryland! I hear there's pretty good real esate there :)

Beth said...

If you dare move to Maryland, I'll move to AZ to spite you haha, just kidding, I'll get the house across the street from the two of your houses and it'll be FABULOUS!! Please, can we do that???

Jamie Blake said...

look at you two, house hunting and all! sounds like you are doing good!

coryshay said...

ooooh! I just played rock band for the first time last night and I rocked!! (well kinda)