Sunday, April 27, 2008

Am I Racist?

So I don't mean to be completely politically incorrect, but I got home the other night and told Rachel what had happened and she told me I needed to post this.  So don't judge me.

I had to go to Target to pick up some necessities (dish detergent, etc.) and I was rushing to get home because I was trying to help Rachel finish her Holocaust homework.  I ended up with five or six items, so I went to the express lane, which apparently becomes un-express after 8:00 pm.  That left me waiting behind this older lady who had two shopping carts completely full of stuff.  Oh, plus she was in a Rascal cart, but that is an entirely different issue, seeing as she was walking just fine outside of the store, but I digress.  So she checks out just fine, making the clerk pull everything out of her cart for her.  The total comes up 211 bucks and some change.  The lady looks at the clerk and says, "no intiendo."  So the clerk, being much more polite than I would have been, turns the little computer screen that says the price on it so that the lady can read it.  The lady keeps repeating her self, "no intiendo, no puedo..." This is where my "racism" comes in.  What do the numerals for two hundred eleven dollars look like in english?  211.  What does doscientos once look like in numerals?  211.  THE SAME!!!!  She just kept saying, "no intiendo, no puedo...."  I could understand if a Japanese or Chinese shopper was having trouble, they have completely different characters.  But in spanish,  they are the same!

It got worse when I told the lady what the total was in spanish.  She took out a huge wad of cash, looked at the numbers, and just started putting them down, not adding them up.  50 plus 50 is 100, english or spanish.  So I had to help her give the correct amount of cash.  

I think the border should have a number generator sign, and before someone can cross, they have to say what the number is.  I don't care if they say it in spanish or english, they just need to know their numbers!


Tyson and Chelsea said...

That was a really funny story. I from out town :) And yes, Anna is getting married to, get this, a boy from Tyson's home town neighborhood. His name is Josh Knudsen and they are perfect for each other. :)Anyway, have a great day, I miss you!

coryshay said...

Ha ha... Nate you are funny! I agree though 211 is 211 in english or spanish... :)