Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Secret...Agent Man! Secret...Agent Man!

So, this is Nate this time, I guess it is my turn to write a little on here.  Rachel and I had an awesome weekend.  Saturday we went up to Mesa and went to the temple.  It was way fun.  We had gone intending just to do a simple temple session, but we were intercepted and asked to help with sealings.  It was the first time Rachel and I have had the chance to do sealings together since the ceremony was our own, and it was a great experience being there together.  I enjoyed listening to the promises again and I realized just how little I was listening when it was our sealing.  After the sealings we did a temple session, which was the longest session of my life!  The room was packed!  But it was good to be there and I'm anxious to return.

After the temple we went and spent some time with my grandparents.  My grandma wanted to feed us leftovers ("gotta clean out the refrigerator!") but my grandpa was quick to insist we go to this great mexican restaurant called Rosas.  Rachel is now the only person I have ever seen fill up on the free chips and salsa.  Bread at some restaurants I can understand...bread is filling.  But chips and salsa?  Weird.

We went to IKEA so Rachel could do some shopping, but I was a jerk and rushed her so we could go see an IMAX movie, which we ended up not watching.  So Nathan got the bad husband award that night.  I did get a wicked desk organizer to keep track of bills and incoming papers.  I don't remember becoming an old fart, but at some point it happened.  So sad.  So so sad.

We did have some more excitement on Sunday night, however.  It will forever be known as Operation Sweet Tooth.  Rachel and I were sitting on our couch being
 goofy when we  both realized we wanted ice cream.  But alas, it was still the sabbath, what were two mormons to do?  We couldn't go buy ice cream, so we stole it.  
We drove up to my parents house with the intention of breaking in, taking the ice cream and sneaking out.  We laughed nervously as we crept through the darkness, avoiding the cactus and trying the front door.  It was locked, so we snuck around back, just to find my family was all in the living room watching t.v.  So we snuck around to the other side of the house, crept into the back yard out of the families line of sight, and crawled over the wall leading to the back patio.  While trying that, we both hit a wind chime, me more than Rachel, and we thought we were caught.  Amazingly, my parents were oblivious.  We opened a back door, walked as quietly as possible, right through the kitchen where my family was, into the garage, got the ice cream, climbed back out through the kitchen, unlocked the front door and got out, all without being seen!  I was pretty proud, but Rachel's sense of decency decided to make an appearance, so we had to come clean.  My folks thought it was hysterical, so no harm, no foul.  On the plus side, we ended up with some good vanilla.  

Work goes well.  Training has about 5 more weeks I think.  I'm learning and having fun, so that is something.  Rachel got a job as a teachers aide at a montessori school here, which is very exciting.  It sounds like the exact kind of place I would never send a child of mine, but Rachel excels in any situation where she is caring for children.  Which I'm grateful for because of our other big announcement........


Jamie Blake said...

WHAT?!!! You guys are PREGNANT?!!! Are you serious?

Albright said...

Whatever Nate! I can totally fill up on chips and salsa! That is the BEST part of Mexicnan restaurants!

coryshay said...

You guys are bedy bedy sneaky!