Saturday, January 12, 2008

A First Try

Rachel has had fun recently reading our friend's blogs.  It seems like almost everyone logs on and writes about themselves for thousands to read.  So she got real excited and set up a blog, then realized she didn't know what to write.  That's where I come in I guess.  We've tried doing the weekly e-mail to family thing... and moving two states away seems to have ruined that.  So we are going to try this as now.  Now, if you want to know what's happening, you can come check us out on your own.  I guess this is a sort of lazier route, but hey, we're students.  That's fair.  
School is starting soon.  I also have my training with the bank.  But I think we are the most excited about Rachel's work opportunity.  My Real Estate Agent friend wants Rachel to do the management of rental properties that we had talked about earlier.  More about that later.  But this is our first try at this.  Hope its good!


Mamawat said...

This is my third try to leave a comment! Thanks for the "White Christmas" Too bad I was too worred about getting snowed in to relax and enjoy it. The visit was totally worth the 11-hr. trip home. Hey, my boxing form is awesome! Love you! Mom

Rene Allen said...

Thumbs up Naterachel! I love it. Also - Murlene - I saw the video of you kicking Rachel's you know what. Way to go! Rene