Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of Order

It's been a while. First of all, thanks to all those fans who have been watching Gabriel's dance performance on youtube! He really cracks me up. Emma's goal in life is to get him on the Today show. :)
So here's the problem. We went to Bear Lake a couple weeks ago. Twice in 2 weeks! We went once with the Watkins and once with the Browns. So fun to get to spend time with both sides of our family. My camera battery died for the Brown reunion so I had to use Emma's camera... and then her laptop died. So we have no way to get the pictures off the camera. I have Watkins pictures but want to blog them both together so.... you'll have to be patient! Instead I'm going to blog about our adventure on Saturday: This Is the Place village. 
For those that don't know, This Is The Place monument is up on a hilltop overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. It is where the pioneers had come over the Rocky Mountains and entered the valley. Brigham Young looked out and said "It is enough. This is the place. Drive on." Hence the name. Anywho, I have been there a few times before but had never gone into the recreated village there. So fun! I totally recommend it. They have actually moved log cabins and houses from all over the state either intact or brink by brick. They have fun activities and tours to see. Everyone is dressed up in costume and there is a train that goes around the park. A petting zoo, pony rides and a Civil War battle in the streets. Pretty cool!

Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, Gabriel and Nate
Gabriel taking a rest in the Mormon Battalion Museum
The Civil War cannon preparing for battle
Playing on the wood train

Face off.
Lambs in the barn
Gabriel on the pony ride
Ever since we lived at Nate's aunt and uncles house where they have horses, Gabe has LOVED horses.

The girl walking with him asked if he had rode a horse before and I said yes. She said Oh that's why he's so good at it!
Ok. This was hilarious. The piglet would NOT stop following this goat around the petting zoo. The goat was MAD.
So, he headbutted the pig! He wanted that pig away from him!! 
This other pig was rolling around in the mud puddle. Gabe thought this was  hilarious!
Riding on the train

Riding on the train
Brigham Young's farm house. They used this house for entertaining.

Getting on the train
Stopped at the ice cream parlor.
This would make Aunt Emma proud. Digging through the gemstones.
Chuggin' on some sarsaparilla.
Civil War reenactment

Plugging his ears for the cannon boom
The replica Eagle Gate with the actual monument in the background


Albright said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE that boy! Like, I seriously love him and miss him! He is so cute! I love that picture of him sitting in that chair! What a fun day!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

That was totally a fun day. Thanks for the pics.

Jesse and Camry said...

looks like you guys are enjoying Utah! Very cute pictures

Tyson and Chelsea said...

How fun! I'm glad you got to go. We would love to go back someday and take the girls

Hilary Lemon said...

Good to see that Gabe gets his spicy drink sometimes. :)