Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet the Flintstones

Bam-bam is hard to get a shot of because he keeps running around yelling "Me-ecine!"

Some of the kids at a little playgroup on Friday

At the trunk-or-treat with our friends on Saturday

Paige and Joseph doing a puppet show out of the back of their car

And Joseph was the Hamburglar

The Bjorns were spaghetti and sauce. She is "prego"... get it?? HA!

We were the Rubbles and the Flintstones with Pam and Derek and I say this totally unbiased but I think we were the hit of the evening! We had strangers come up and take our picture!

There was a bouncy house for the kids and we had a little 2 and under time. The kids loved it!

Sweet little Madi Pebble

Gabe's haul

Trick-or-treating around our neighborhood on Halloween night :)


Amy said...

oh my gosh! i want to spend next halloween with you guys!! those are such awesome costumes too!

Hilary said...

Eating. My. Heart. Out.

Where's my baby?

Jesse and Camry said...

You pulled off the dress!! Good for you! How did you go about getting it fixed? Well fabulous costumes, you did a great job.

Paige said...

Yes, you guys were DEFinitely a hit!!