Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the UT, back in the UT, back in the UT...AH?

Doesn't flow quite as well as USSR.
Anywho, Gabe and I went to Utah to visit family/help Emma get settled into college life at BYU. My good friend Donald Scott was getting married the 7th so we had to make it by then. We met up with Emma at the Phoenix airport the afternoon of the 6th and drove up to Kanab on the border of AZ and UT. What a nightmare. We arrived at about 2am to find that there must have been something BIG going on in Kanab because in the whole city there was not A SINGLE ROOM TO BE HAD. We stopped at three different hotels and they said every hotel was full. We felt like Mary and Joseph, knocking door to door. So we just kept driving north trying to find a place. The nearest "major" city was about an hour away and we were exhausted. We checked in every tiny town along the way but there was nothing. Finally after driving for an hour, we pulled into a church parking lot and slept for a few hours. It was terrible! Anyway, we got to sleep at 3am, woke up at 6 and drove to Provo where we relaxed until the wedding that evening. At the end of the month, Nate flew up to spend a few days and then drive home with us. Elaine and Gordon were SO kind in letting us stay with them for the month. Thanks again!!

To summarize, we tubed down the Provo aka Devil River, met up with my cousin Jeff and met his adorable wife Amy and baby Grant, my friend Sean and his super fun wife Summer and baby Oliver, and my friend Donald and his brand new wife Janey. I got my hairs did, went to Cabela's with cousins, had fun BBQs with the Watkins and the Browns, went boating at Deer Creek, shopped at Park City, went to Temple Square, went to Logan to visit the Hathaways and went to the cutest zoo there, stayed the night in Roy with our friends Andy and Cami, visited Grandparents grave, and the Mockingjay midnight release! Pretty much we played our guts out and if I have forgotten something we did with you, please forgive me! It was a slam packed month and I'm still recuperating!

At the park before the wedding

The one picture I have of the wedding. I'm a bum.
Lauren Scott, Me, Emma, Ginelle Britton, and Emily Scott

Temple Square

Deer Creek
I would like to point out the similar poses of Gabriel and Dallin. Sittin' by the lake, throwin' rocks.
Yes, I did take my baby tubing. What of it?
Karl, Sylvia, Amanda and Kelly

Mockingjay release!!! Psh.... look at those two losers taking their pictures...

Cabela's with the cousins. For the fudge and the animals. It seemed strange to me too but was totally worth it! And yes I look much better in the other picture I have of this but everyone else was blinking. I figured I'd sacrifice my dignity and post the most flattering for everyone else.

The Cousins BBQ at Renaes. We only took pictures of the most important people there: the babies. :)

Shopping in Park City. Bought me some Crocs and new pants, Emma got a nice pair of jeans and a winter coat.

Visiting the grave

Random Fun

We love Utah!
Thanks to everyone who entertained, hosted and played with us! We love you all and can't wait to see you again!


Albright said...

OH. MY. LANTA. Gabe is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! How did he get so big??? That was a busy vacation! I'm glad you got to do so much while you were there! Next stop... Maryland! seriously.

Renae said...

What cute pics. I have to steal some, since I either wasn't there or didn't take my camera to most of those events. Employment stinks!!! So glad you came and so we got to get better acquainted with baby gaby!! He is all that and change!!

Beth said...

What a fun month you had! I love how happy Gabe is in all those pictures! Come to Maryland before I move out to Rexburg again or it'll still be forever until I see you!

Jesse and Camry said...

Cute pictures. Really like the dark hair. Now that you are back we will have to get together for some play time for the kids, and heck, some play time for us too!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

I love the post and the pictures you took. Fun, Fun, Fun!!