Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Zoo and other happenings

My friend Amanda is moving to another town pretty soon and she informed me that if we were to stay friends, I would have to get a zoo membership. :) Tuesdays are Nate's days off and he hadn't been to the zoo in Tucson since he was 12. So we tagged along with Amanda and her cute little girls with the intentions of 1)getting out of the house, 2)letting Nate relive his childhood and 3)buying a zoo pass to keep our friendship in tact. We are now Tucson Zoo members people!
Amanda's girls: Nora asleep and Lillian with her shades
Lillian calls the giraffe Melman from Madagascar
Nate and Lillian telling the llama to wake up. "Wake up mama!"
Amanda and Lillian enjoying In and Out afterwards
She was doing elephant tusks

This is the coolest frog fountain. I really wanted to see some little kid get it in the face!

So I know that it seems we took a lot of pictures of Lillian... and we did. :) Don't worry parents of America, when we get our own kid we'll stop taking so many pictures of yours.

In other news, we had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and nothing has changed on the progression front so they scheduled us to be induced and the earliest they could get me in was the next Tuesday, March 3. For some reason this really upset me that he is going to miss the month of February all together and would now be a March baby. Nothing against the month of March at all, it's just that they told me February and it should have been February! So fine, he was going to be born March 3. But then they call me the next day and say that I have been bumped. Do they have an induction waiting list that and can you jump said waiting list? How do I become a Induction VIP and jump to the head of the line? How do they know ahead of time that there will be no room for me?? So they bumped me to Thursday the 5th. In the words of Amanda, "Do they know?? Do they know that's two days later??" Grr... my frustration. Today is February 28. If he doesn't come within the next 6 hours, he will be in a completely different month! 6 hours buddy! Come on!


wendy said...

The time will go by so fast and you will have that little babe in your arms and loving it. 5 Days, hang in there.

Usandthings said...

Are my arms really that fat? Good grief.

Tyson and Chelsea said...

you're so close. You can do it, just a few more days.