Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun! Unfortunately, we lost our camera battery charger so we couldn't take any pictures! Grrr I hope we find it soon but I'm not holding my breath because it's been missing for 2 months! So anyway, on Friday we went to Sweet Tomato which is like my favorite place because of their AMAZING chicken noodle soup with fresh, huge, thick noodles and HUGE slices of rotisserie chicken and nothing else! I love it! I hate veggie chunks in my noodle soup in fact, funny story, one time when I was like 12, I tried making dinner for my family and I wanted to make just broth because I loved the broth out of the soup so much. So I heated up broth and served it and it was nasty! Needless to say, my mom made something else. Aaaaanywho, Sweet Tomato is like the Fresh Choice of California or the nicer Golden Corral or something to that effect. So Friday I ate my fill and more. Then Nate and I went bowling at this place called Bedroxx which is a Flinstone-esque bowling alley. Very fun! The best part is that above every lane is a big screen where they play 80's and 90's hip hop and pop songs! So we were bowling to Billy Jean, Too Legit to Quit, Bust a Move, and Whoomp There It Is. It was pretty funny. We learned that I am the weakest bowler ever. I can't hold the ball right so I stick my fingers in the holes and the just swing my arm back and forth picking up momentum until the ball is carried off and down the lane. I look stupid.
Saturday we went to our friends house to have dinner and play games. They made homemade pizzas and threw them on the grill and it was soooo good. Then we played Phase 10 and Nate and I came in 3rd and 4th. Lame. But it was still a really fun night.
Sunday we went to some other friends house to have dinner and play games. Getting the picture we are kind of moochers? We had mac n cheese and played Ticket to Ride. Very fun, but very hard for me. I came in dead last. :(
Monday I was going to run some errands and I opened up my front door and there was a package for me but I couldn't tell who it was from. I thought they were some shirts I had ordered so I opened it up and.... Fisher Price Little People Nativity and Thanksgiving sets??? I didn't order these!! I finally discovered they were from my mom. So I called her up to thank her for the package and she had no idea what I was talking about! I said "The Nativity Set??" She said "Ohhhh I forgot to tell you about that... You're welcome!" She had forgotten all about them! But they were soooo cute!
That was a really long story but it has been a super fun weekend that Nate and I can't stop talking about. Thought I'd share. :) Hopefully pictures will start coming back into blogs soon. Cross your fingers.


Natchel said...

I love the little people sets! So cute! I wish that I could come mooch some of your mac and cheese...mmmmmm, so good!

Tyson and Chelsea said...

So fun! Although it sounds like a lot of losing on your end ;) I absolutely love the little people nativity. I've never seen the thanksgiving set. So cute!!

wendy said...

I love those nativities. There cute and durable. Kids can play with and slobber on them and not brake them. What a fun time for you. Enjoy every minute for it will be fleeting when the babe gets here.

Elaine Brown Billings said...

I love love love those Fisher Price toys. Gordon gave me the nativity 2 Christmases ago. I have never seen the Thanksgiving one. I must have one!!!! Murlene has got to tell me where she got it and how!!! I love your posts. You are a very good writer.

annette said...

Glad to see there is no lack of fun in your life! Your mom has always been one of the most giving people on the planet!