Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seashores of Old Mexico

So I'm sitting in bed, Rachel is still sleeping, and I'm looking out our sliding glass door onto the back porch, watching the Sea of Cortez roll in.  I thought this would be a good chance to update.

We came down to Mexico on Thursday.  The original plan was to meet in downtown Tucson, pick me up from work, and leave directly.  But this is the Allen family, we don't do things that smoothly.  So Rachel picked me up from work, took me back up to my parents house, where we waited for about an hour or two, then left.  We got about halfway to the border when Dad realized the taillights on the truck we were in didn't work.  Made for an exciting drive, with me driving in the front, and my brother Grant driving close behind us.  We thought we had it until we passed a sobriety check point.  We got pulled over very quickly after that.  I was very quick to tell the officer that it wasn't my truck!

We were worried about the weather down here, thinking it would be unbearably hot and humid (averages for this time of year are around 90-95 degrees, not counting humidity).  Fortunately, we were wrong.  It has been beautiful.  A nice breeze comes off the ocean, cooling us off.  High tides have been exceptionally high, covering the stairs leading down to the beach from our patio.  

We had a small fourth of july program on Friday, but the main event was the "carnival" last night.  My niece, Danie, 7 years old, organized the event.  It started with a booth on Chinese jump rope, which then lead to my 5 year old nephew Riley teaching us about sea animals from a book his mom bought off Ebay.  Then it was my brother Daniel's turn, his booth was to list big words.  But the highlight was the pinata.  Usually this even is left for the children to participate in, but we got creative with age limits this go around.  I am proud to say I busted the thing open.  But it was kind of twisted with legs coming off, then the torso... I think the fun pinata became a creature of nightmares after a little while.

Rachel says my blogs are too long, so I'll stop there.  Pictures will come when we get back to town and load them up.  But for any Watkins relations reading this... every few hours, Rachel will stop whatever fun things we are doing, grab my hand and say "This time next week I'll get to see my mom!"  So here we come, California!


Beth said...

That sounds awesome! I'm sorry I've been bugging you guys with phone calls and texts. I was worried I'd be going home before you go here, and I was freaking out about that. But I've got it sorted out. I hope you guys have a fabulous time in Mexico and California. I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! I am glad the weather has been nice. We are experiencing our second mini-heat wave, so I hope it cools off before you get here. I am so excited for you to come! Que tengan una buena vacacione en Mexico. Con carino, Mama

coryshay said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Have fun in Cali!

coryshay said...

My machine is a Singer Confidence (as featured on Martha of course) They have a newer one out called the curvy that the only difference is that it's easier to thread and the pink panel is curved at the top for $100 more but I said no to that option! It really does everything I'll ever need to do. Good luck with the machine shopping!

annette said...

Sounds like you are having a busy summer too. I heard you were here last weekend! Have fun, you are only young once.

Fonzi Mama said...

I'm so jealous! You guys get a month of vacationing?! Your blog is totally awesome by the way. It's kind of fun to see who writes next... ha ha ha. Miss you guys! Love you mucho!